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Africa Climate Week & Carbon Pricing and Markets Day

Africa Climate Week is postponed due to the Covid-19 context.


  • 20-24 April 2020 
  • Speke Resort and Conference Centre, Kampala, Uganda

Partnering for transformation towards a low-carbon climate resilient and prosperous Africa: Managing Climate Risks, Seizing Transformation Opportunities

Africa Climate Week (ACW) is an opportunity to move forward on crucial climate action work at a national and regional level, taking regional priorities into consideration. The central objective of ACW is to share ways for governments to implement the Paris Agreement in Africa, making use of all the planning tools and support available under the Paris Agreement. It is inclusive and open to all stakeholders, as a ‘go-to’ hub to build partnerships and to showcase groundbreaking action in the region. 

The event is designed to mobilize and enhance the required partnerships and collaborative approaches, including:

  • the urgent need to understand the risks and impacts of climate change and integrate this knowledge in planning at all levels and in all sectors;
  • the urgency of delivering on commitments; and
  • the urgency of giving all stakeholders clarity on the pathways and means of implementation for achieving carbon neutrality by mid-century and thus the objectives and long-term goals of the Convention and Paris Agreement

The Africa Climate Week aims to achieve this across three core tracks and one ‘Carbon Pricing & Markets Day’:

Partnering for whole society engagement in implementation Track

This track will demystify the various provisions of the UNFCCC and turning them into tangible/actionable items for actors in the regions. This track will also enable an assessment of the best practice in society-wide and economy-wide approaches to cutting greenhouse gases and building resilience. These events will also generate groundswell momentum for timely implementation of the commitments made under the UNFCCC processes, including the provisions of the enhanced transparency framework.

Managing climate risks Track

This track will allow deeper collaboration between all actors on scoping the extent of the climate risks faced in Africa across the dimensions of hazards faced, sectors impacted and a levels of governance involved. Events will focus on the development of solutions for and enhanced partnerships related to these risks. For Africa Climate Week 2020 this track will focus on water and food security and in this context address topics related to ecosystems and nature-based solutions and resilient infrastructure development.

Seizing transformation opportunities Track

This track will provide a platform explore solutions to deliver climate action and support at a scale that puts the region on a low-emission development pathway. Related events under this focus area will provide a basis for partnership, engagement and capacity development on best practice policy, resource mobilization and technology development and deployment with a focus on energy, infrastructure and mobility.

Carbon Pricing & Markets Day

This is the ONLY day of the week where Carbon Pricing and Markets will be fully addressed: hearing from Africa and beyond on regional and international cooperation on carbon pricing and markets; the opportunities and importance of mobilising the private sector in Africa; looking at carbon pricing, climate risk and investment, leveraging the engagement of the financing and investor community; and highlighting Africa’s role and opportunities Natural Climate Solutions and the voluntary carbon market.

There are several ways to can get involved in and be part of these exciting events:

  • ‘Carbon Pricing & Markets Day’ Partner Sponsor – Be engaged and visible during the ONLY ‘Carbon Pricing and Markets Day’ of the ACW! (provided on a commercial basis)
  • Side Event Sessions - Side events provide opportunities for organizations to conduct an hour-long session on topics aligned with the agenda (provided on a commercial basis)
  • Exhibition Booth - Exhibition booths provide opportunities for organizations to showcase their work (provided on a commercial basis)
  • Action Hub - The Action Hub provides a platform for NGOs, intergovernmental organizations, governments, youth organizations and educational institutions from the region to showcase innovative climate action and ideas in 15-20 minutes
  • Knowledge Corner - The Knowledge Corner provides NGOs, youth organizations and educational institutions with a shared booth to exhibit their work.

Latin America & Caribbean Climate Week & Carbon Pricing and Markets Day


  • 6-10 July 2020
  • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 
  • Full details coming soon! For more information on getting engaged, contact Lisa Spaffordspafford@ieta.org

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