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The ICROA Independent Advisory Board (IAB) was set up to provide advice and guidance on ICROA's policy and strategy. IAB members are experts in the voluntary carbon market and independent of any carbon reduction or offset providers. Representatives are serving in a personal capacity. The IAB will help ICROA adapt to the changing market and will help ensure that the ICROA Code of Best Practice remains relevant and an exemplar of best practice. 

Independent Advisory Board Members:

Iain Watt

Principal Sustainability Adviser - Forum for the Future

Iain heads Forum's work on climate change. He developed and maintains the Forum Climate Challenge, which outlines five essential characteristics of a credible corporate climate strategy and frames Forum's engagement with its partners on climate change. As well as advising partners on the risks and opportunities associated with climate change, he has authored Getting to Zero: Defining Corporate Carbon Neutrality, which explores a number of the claims of carbon or climate neutrality that have been made so far and makes a series of recommendations about what should lie behind any such declaration, and Making Sense of the Low Carbon Economy, which provides an accessible overview of the drivers behind the low carbon economy and explores the potential implications for business in the UK. Prior to joining Forum, Iain spent 7 years working at Ceres, a leading U.S. coalition of investment funds, environmental organisations and other public interest groups. Specialising in sustainability reporting and stakeholder engagement, he was heavily involved in writing the early versions of the Global Reporting Initiative's Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. Iain has a Master's degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts and a BA in Geography from Oxford University.

Dr. Michael Gillenwater

Co-founder - GHG Management Institute

Dr. Michael Gillenwater is a co-founder, Executive Director, and Dean of the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, a NGO with the unique mission to train and professionalize a global community of experts for measuring, auditing and managing GHG emissions. He has been a lead author for the IPCC since 1999, and is actively engaged in the work of the UNFCCC, including the training of treaty compliance review experts. He has been a core advisor and contributing author to the GHG Protocol. At the USEPA, he was lead author of the official U.S. GHG emissions inventory. He has also served on the U.S. negotiating team to UNFCCC.

He also co-founded and serves as a co-Editor in Chief for the peer reviewed journal Carbon Management. Dr. Gillenwater completed his PhD at Princeton University; his research publications have focused on the economics of renewable energy and emission markets and design of environmental commodities.

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