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ICROA Discusses Private Sector Voluntary Action at IETA's Inaugural European Climate Summit

22 Apr 2019 16:17 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

On April 16th, as part of IETA’s first European Climate Summit in Lisbon, ICROA held an event to explore ways in which offsetting currently intersects and blends with compliance and voluntary frameworks around the world. The session discussed how from pure voluntary action, through voluntary action combined with compliance, through to full compliance at scale, resilient carbon markets have the power to unlock potential and maximize mitigation.

The event was moderated by Jonathan Shopley, Managing Director at Natural Capital Partners. Speakers included:

  • Jos Delbeke, Senior Adviser, European Political Strategy Centre
  • Jos Cozijnsen, Carbon Specialist, Climate Neutral Group
  • Maria Carvalho, Senior Consultant, Climate Policy & Carbon Pricing, South Pole
  • Emilie Alberola, Director of Research and Innovation, EcoAct
  • Edward Hanrahan, CEO, ClimateCare
  • Karl Vella, Climate Policy Manager, World Business Council for Sustainable Development

In his introduction, Jonathan Shopley underlined the great momentum across the private sector to move towards net-zero emissions in support of greater global climate action. He mentioned how examples around the world reveal that offsetting increasingly intersects and blends with compliance and voluntary frameworks, providing flexibility and galvanizing further ambition. 

In a short keynote, Jos Delbeke stated that offsetting by non-state actors should be celebrated as a tool to catalyze and provide critical finance to projects that would otherwise not see the light of day.

Building up on this statement, Jos Cozijnsen and Maria Carvalho highlighted through case studies in South America and South Africa how carbon credits deliver ambition as key components of local climate regulations. Looking at Europe, Emilie Alberola and Edward Hanrahan described how newly designed domestic frameworks in France and the UK act as climate leadership enablers by encouraging voluntary private sector investments in land use, agriculture and transportation.

Last but not least – looking beyond domestic frameworks – Karl Vella underscored how major private sector organizations are looking to pool their efforts and increase investments in natural climate solutions in an attempt to provide a response at scale, focused on preserving and reinforcing the role natural carbon sinks. 

IETA and ICROA prepared a summary of the main highlights from the Summit, which you can find here.

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