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ICROA Webinar Discusses Voluntary Business Leadership on Climate Action

13 Jul 2020 10:03 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

On July 9, IETA and ICROA held a webinar as part of IETA’s Carbon Market Virtual Series on “Business Leadership on Climate Action: Accelerating the Global Transition to a Net Zero World”.

250 participants joined the discussion moderated by Jonathan Shopley, ICROA Co-Chair and Managing Director at Natural Capital Partners.

Jochen Gassner, CEO of First Climate Markets, set the scene with a presentation of ICROA’s view on the voluntary carbon market post-2020. He highlighted the complementarity of the voluntary carbon market to the Paris Agreement and its ability to drive faster and deeper mitigation around the world.

This consistency with existing multilateral frameworks was further supported by Nathaniel Keohane, Senior Vice President at the Environmental Defense Fund, who highlighted that cooperation through carbon markets is key to increasing ambition, as well as corporate and national net zero commitments.

In doing so, high-quality carbon credits are of utmost importance, as underlined by Brad Schallert, Director of Carbon Market Governance and Aviation at WWF US.

Naomi Swickard, Chief Program Officer at Verra, reiterated the importance of voluntary action as it goes beyond government accounting, particularly in sectors that are difficult to regulate. Additional finance towards climate action must be delivered quickly and must also be directed towards standing forests which play a vital role for us all.

Lastly, James Goudreau, Head of Climate at Novartis, echoed the need to promote carbon removals, alongside mitigation tied to adaptation. As we need to deal with the reality of increasing demand for goods and services, commercial and industrial firms need to turn to carbon credits when investing in efficiency and shifting to renewables is not enough. Corporate responsibility, through the voluntary carbon market, is therefore key in going beyond government action and in accelerating the transition to net zero.

You can access the recording of this session here, as well as the panelists’ presentations here:

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