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  • 13 Feb 2017 13:00 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This week, IETA and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) kick off a global series of workshops, starting in Nairobi on 14th February. The aim of the workshops is to help airlines prepare for the start of the Carbon Reduction and Offsetting Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) in 2021. The workshops will focus on sharing best practices and lessons learned on carbon markets and MRV compliance from IETA members directly with IATA member company airlines and aircraft operators.

    To assist in these discussions, ICROA has released a flyer on the experiences from the voluntary carbon market in helping airlines reduce and offset their aviation emissions. There are nearly 50 airlines worldwide that are currently involved in voluntary offsetting and ICROA members have actively supported a number of them in the design and operation of offsetting schemes, and in the selection of emissions reduction projects and retirement of carbon credits. 

    ICROA welcomes the ICAO commitment to achieving carbon neutral growth from 2020 and we look forward to assisting in the design and delivery of CORSIA. 

  • 16 Dec 2016 12:56 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    IETA/ICROA will be speaking in the workshop “Clean Energy Future: Carbon emissions – transitioning to net zero” at Ethical Corporation's Responsible Business Summit Europe (London, 7-8 June 2017). It is Europe’s leading business conference focusing on the latest in sustainability, communications and governance. The 2017 event is bringing 500+ innovative and inspiring companies in responsible business to London, with a focus on ‘Social Purpose and quantified Impact’.

    As a supporting partner, all IETA/ICROA members are eligible for a £200 discount on the price of a pass to the summit. Please contact ICROA Programme Director Simon Henry for details of how to claim this discount. 

    The ‘Social Purpose and Impact’ focused agenda of the Summit will cover:

    1. The end of CSR and the dawn of the Social Purpose Era: Understanding how the landscape is changing, what opportunities that align commercial and financial goals with macro societal need presents and strides required for real, positive change to result
    2. Social purpose and Impact: Using the right data to mitigate risks, measure social and environmental impact, deliver trust and positive social transformation to ensure your licence to operate
    3. Building and communicating the underlying case: Understanding your stakeholders’ agendas and finding the shared goals to co-creating alliances and coalitions with impact front of mind

     To see further details of the event, download a brochure here

  • 25 Nov 2016 12:00 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    ICROA hosted a side event on the future of the voluntary market at COP 22 in Marrakech.  The session discussed how the introduction of the Paris Agreement brings both risks and opportunities to the voluntary market. It outlined what new approaches might be needed for the voluntary market to continue remain effective post 2020 and how voluntary offsetting can continue to add value and impact under the Paris Agreement.

    The panel consisted of the following participants:

    • Jonathan Shopley (moderator): Managing Director, Natural Capital Partners
    • Simon Henry: ICROA Programme Director
    • Andrea Abrahams: Global Director, BP Target Neutral
    • Joe Pryor: Director, Carbon Markets and Bilateral Partnerships, International Climate Change Branch, Australian Department of the Environment and Energy
    • James Grabert: Coordinator of Sustainable Development Mechanism Programme, UNFCCC
    • Jochen Gassner: Executive Board Member, First Climate and ICROA co-chair
    The slides from Simon's presentation can be accessed here, and the slides from Joe's presentation can be accessed here
  • 15 Nov 2016 16:18 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On 15th November, ICROA Programme Director Simon Henry discussed Insetting at a Climate Club event organised by Eco Act in Marrakech. 

    Simon presented ICROA's work insetting, outlining the definition of the term and what constitutes best practice. He was joined on the panel by Marion Verles from Gold Standard and French MP François-Michel Lambert. 


  • 27 Oct 2016 15:26 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Ana Aires Carpinteiro represented Nexus and ICROA at the 2016 edition of Eco Expo Asia in Hong Kong. With over 12,000 attendees, it is the number one event for environmental protection in Asia and a specialized and professional marketing platform for manufacturers and suppliers of environmental goods and services. 

    Ana participated in an Air and Water Quality side event and gave a presentation on "Carbon reductions supporting the Sustainable Development Goals: Case studies on Air & Water Quality outcomes". 

    The slides from Ana's presentation can be accessed here


  • 17 Oct 2016 15:32 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On Friday 14th October, ICROA Programme Director Simon Henry gave a presentation at Carbon Pulse's two day conference on "How to survive and thrive in carbon markets". 

    He appeared on the voluntary market panel alongside ICROA members ClimateCare and South Pole Group, and the Gold Standard. In his presentation, Simon covered the topic of what offset buyers are looking for and why. For this, he drew on data from ICROA's 2014 market survey, and introduced the current survey we undertaking. 

    He was later quoted in a Carbon Pulse article about the panel session. 

    For further details, the slides from his presentation can be accessed here and the slides from all the other presentations at the two day conference can be access here

  • 05 Oct 2016 17:40 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On Wednesday 5th October, ICROA participated at Italy's largest CSR event in Milan. ICROA was represented by Andrea Maggiani from Carbon Sink. He appeared on a panel discussing "Innovation and sustainability: New challenges for the food chain". Alongside him on the panel were representatives from Asdomar, Di Leo Pietro, Prosecco Consortium and Granarolo

    Further details of the event can be found here, and the list of participants can be found here

    Andrea Maggiani from CarbonSink representing ICROA on the panel.

  • 30 Sep 2016 14:31 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On Tuesday 27th October, ICROA Programme Director Simon Henry gave a presentation to a workshop on "Leveraging domestic offset projects for a climate-neutral world" in Berlin.  The event was co-hosted by Adelphi, Umwelt Bundesamt and the German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt). 40 people attended the event from organisations such as offset retailers, Government ministries, consultancies and research institutions. 

    Simon's presentation discussed ICROA's Code of Best Practice and how it handles the issues surrounding double counting. He also discussed ICROA's initial thoughts on what the regulatory framework for voluntary offsetting might look like post 2020. The slides from his presentation can be accessed here

  • 23 Sep 2016 21:00 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    ICROA is pleased to be a co-sponsor of the Sustainable Supply Chain Summit, taking place at Grange Tower Bridge from 20 - 21 October 2016. 

    The event is Europe's premier meeting place for supply chain, sustainability and procurement professionals, with 150 attendees learning how to drive collaboration and go deeper in their supply chain to deliver bigger positive impact for stakeholders. Further details of the event can be found here.

    As a co-sponsor, all IETA/ICROA members are eligible for a £200 discount on the price of a pass to the summit. Please contact ICROA Programme Director Simon Henry for details of how to claim this discount.

    ICROA co-chair, Rob Stevens, will also be moderating a session on "Supply chain risk management – embedding technologies to successfully manage risk". To see the full agenda for the event, please click here

  • 12 Sep 2016 11:10 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    ICROA has collaborated with Imperial College London and the UNFCCC to design a survey to investigate the drivers behind corporate engagement in voluntary carbon offsetting and climate change mitigation strategies. It allows respondents to:

    • Select the benefits to their business of carbon offset programmes, or why they choose not to offset
    • Identify which carbon credit features they prefer, such as project type, location and co benefits
    • Tell us what new features they would like to see in carbon offset programmes
    • Provide some information on the role of their voluntary carbon offset programme within their company’s overall climate strategy

    Responses to this survey will be anonymous and will only be accessed by Imperial College London. Only aggregated or average results will be used in the final report, which will be issued jointly by ICROA, the UNFCCC and Imperial College London. Publication is expected in Q1 2017.

    To access the survey, please click here. To access the press release accompanying the launch of the survey, please click here.

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