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A platform for information sharing and collaboration

The Paris Agreement presents an opportunity for the private sector to step up and take a leadership role by helping to bridge the existing ambition gap. We have already witnessed an increasing number of private-sector focused initiatives to acknowledge the risks of climate change and take action.

The voluntary carbon market provides the tools to enable this climate leadership. However, sufficient progress on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement will be needed to ensure the future Paris rule book enables voluntary action by the private sector in ways which respect environmental integrity.

Many initiatives are looking into ways to scale voluntary action post-2020. ICROA decided to create this publicly accessible portal where a broad range of actors can put forward their views on this topic and on related key questions. 

This space intends to be a neutral repository for ongoing research done by leading organisations, including academia, governments, NGOs, voluntary market participants and more. The views and opinions expressed in the publications are those of the authors. 

If you would like to be part of this initiative and submit your publications, please contact Claire Mizutani at mizutani@ieta.org.

We welcome any feedback or enquiries. Thank you.


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