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The ICROA Accreditation Programme defines and promotes best practice in the financing of high-quality emissions reductions and use of carbon credits as an effective carbon management tool. The Programme is open to all organisations who provide a carbon offsetting service. Participation requires an ongoing annual independent audit to assure compliance to the ICROA Code of Best Practice. ICROA Accredited organisations may use the ICROA Accreditation Label.

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The ICROA Accreditation Label represents adherence to ICROA’s Code of Best Practice and therefore, the highest environmental integrity and quality in the VCM. The Label certifies that the company is compliant with the ICROA Code through an annual cycle of third-party audits. ICROA’s liability is limited to running the Audit process and does not provide assurance of daily compliance to the Code.


  • The organisation is committed to reducing its own GHG emissions and striving for a science-aligned reduction pathway aligned to the UNFCCC and Paris Agreement goals.


  • The organisation has been in the business of providing carbon management and/or offsetting services and has been actively trading in the VCM for at least one full year. 

  • The organisation offers services to estimate carbon footprints, identify and implement internal emission reduction opportunities and offset emissions, and/or 

  • The organisation actively sells a service to retire ICROA-compliant carbon credits on behalf of corporates and/or individuals, for the purpose of voluntarily offsetting their carbon emissions. 

  • The organisation is committed to achieving large absolute reductions across its client base and promoting alignment to the UNFCCC and Paris Agreement goals. 

  • The minimum volume sold or retired annually by the organisation must be at least 10,000 tonnes of CO2e. 

  • The organisation’s minimum financial turnover must be $100,000 or the local currency equivalent. 

  • The organisation must disclose to the ICROA Secretariat any pending or ongoing litigation involving a member of IETA or another market participant. 

  • In applying to become Accredited, the organisation agrees to file an annual report that is verified through a third party independent audit to demonstrate compliance with the Code of Best Practice. 


ICROA Accreditation Process

IETA Membership


Current IETA Members can fast track their  ICROA Accreditation Application Process.  

ICROA Accreditation Application 


Non-IETA members can express their interest in the Accreditation through this website. Once confirmed, the second step is to fill out this application form online.

Compliance with ICROA

Code of Best Practice


If the eligibility criteria are met and the annual fee in paid the organisation may advance to undergo a third party audit, to ensure compliance with the Code of Best Practice.  

Third Party Audit 


If the independent third party audit is successfully completed the organisation becomes fully accredited by ICROA and may use the Accreditation Label.

Annual cycle of third-party audits


The Audit must be successfully passed every year.  

Learn More about the ICROA Code of Best Practice
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