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ICROA is “soft launching” its Accreditation Programme for non-IETA members, three months before initiating the Audit process for applicants who fulfil the minimum requirements.

ICROA Accreditation has been recognised as the industry standard for ensuring that GHG emission reductions and offsets meet the highest standards of environmental integrity, in support of the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement goals. The Accreditation is obtained annually through a third-party audit process based on the requirements of the ICROA Code of Best Practice. The ICROA Code in turn aims to define international best practice for offset-inclusive carbon management and represents the minimum requirements for ICROA Accreditation. The Code ensures that ICROA-accredited organisations, and their clients, undertake carbon management strategies that lead to ambitious and impactful climate action. It covers the full end-to-end mitigation hierarchy: Measure–Reduce-Offset. The Code is continuously updated to reflect any significant changes in the market and to raise the bar for the quality and environmental integrity of carbon management services.

Until now, the ICROA Accreditation was open only to members of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), that hosts ICROA. However, due to strong demand ICROA is making its accreditation programme available to all organisations that meet the requirements and wish to be systematically audited against the ICROA Code of Best Practice. Following successful completion of the Audit, accredited organisations can use the ICROA accreditation label that represents adherence to the highest environmental integrity and quality in the voluntary carbon market.

The expansion of the accreditation program reflects our commitment to helping build rigour and integrity in the market, ensuring offsetting service providers are applying best practice in the use of carbon credits in delivering climate change strategies.

“By further opening the accreditation programme, we are expanding the opportunity for carbon offsetting providers across the world to assure compliance to best practice across the mitigation hierarchy through the annual audit cycle. We are looking forward to working with new ICROA accredited organisations to further promote and advance best practices in the voluntary carbon market” said Andrea Abrahams, ICROA Managing Director.

Through the Call for Expression of Interest, ICROA is “soft launching” its accreditation programme for non-IETA members, three months before beginning the audit process for the applicants who fulfil the minimum requirements and successfully pass an initial due diligence screening. Companies that meet the accreditation criteria can submit their expression of interest through an online form available on the ICROA website. All applicants will be notified about their initial Audit timeline within three months from the submission date.

The Expression of Interest form as well the accreditation criteria are available here.

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