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ICROA endorses Plan Vivo Standard

The updated Plan Vivo Standard (V5.0) is now endorsed by ICROA. Following a review process by the ICROA Technical Working Group and the ICROA Executive Committee vote, the Plan Vivo Standard has now been officially endorsed and included in the ICROA Code of Best Practice. According to the Code, when Accredited organisations are offsetting, or contracting to offset GHG emissions on behalf of a client, they shall only use carbon credits sourced from projects that are validated, verified and registered under the Standards endorsed/conditionally endorsed by ICROA.

The Plan Vivo Standard is an internationally recognised Voluntary Carbon Standard which has been supporting marginalised communities and smallholders across the globe for over 25 years. Stewardship of the Standard allows communities and smallholders to access ethical and equitable carbon finance, by generating high quality carbon credits for buyers. Plan Vivo's approach encapsulates many of the values endorsed within ICROA’s internationally recognised Code of Best Practice – including transparency and integrity. The ICROA endorsement signals Plan Vivo's commitment to climate integrity and will enable all Plan Vivo-certified projects to access a wider market of responsible buyers. By being ICROA-endorsed Plan Vivo has become part of a larger alliance in the VCM that represents and supports projects upholding the highest integrity.

For more information and access to the Plan Vivo Standard V5.0 please see the Standard overview and documents.

About Plan Vivo Foundation

The Plan Vivo Foundation (PVF) is a registered UK charity with 25+ years’ experience in supporting vulnerable rural communities across the world. PVF work together with communities and smallholders to develop innovative nature-based solutions and are internationally recognized for their focus on ethically traded climate services. Through stewardship of the Plan Vivo Standard (a core set of social, environmental and governance requirements that projects must meet to become Plan Vivo certified) projects can reduce poverty, conserve ecosystems and tackle climate change.

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