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Respira International receives ICROA Accreditation

ICROA is pleased to welcome Respira International as a new ICROA Accredited Organisation as of June 2022.

Following the successful completion of an independent Audit to assure compliance with the ICROA Code of Best Practice, Respira is joining a community of ICROA Accredited organisations demonstrating the highest quality and integrity in the voluntary carbon market. Respira International is an impact-driven carbon finance business that operates with an innovative offtake and profit share model which reinvests back into local communities. The company channels private capital into climate solutions ensuring long-term relationships with trusted carbon project developers that enable its clients to use predominantly nature-based solutions to build sustainable, climate-positive businesses and portfolios.

About ICROA Accreditation Programme

The ICROA Accreditation Programme defines and promotes best practice in the financing of high-quality emissions reductions and use of carbon credits as an effective carbon management tool. The Programme is open to all organisations who provide a carbon offsetting service. Participation requires an ongoing annual independent audit to assure compliance to the ICROA Code of Best Practice. ICROA Accredited organisations may use the ICROA Accreditation Label.

The ICROA Accreditation Label

The ICROA Accreditation Label represents adherence to ICROA’s Code of Best Practice and therefore, the highest environmental integrity and quality in the VCM. The Label certifies that the company is compliant with the ICROA Code through an annual cycle of third-party audits.

See all ICROA Accredited organisations here:

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