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Image by Beatriz Pérez Moya
  • ICROA: O Artigo 6 do Acordo de Paris e suas implicações para o mercado voluntário de carbono (MVC)

  • ICROA: Artículo 6 del Acuerdo de París e implicaciones para el mercado voluntario de carbono (MVC)

  • ICROA's Analysis of the Article 6 Rulebook and its implications for the VCM (December 2021)

  • ICROA's White Paper (October 2021)

  • PMR / ICROA Report: Country Perspectives: Opportunities and Challenges for International Voluntary Carbon Markets in the context of the Paris Agreement (April 2021)

  • ICROA's position paper on scaling private sector voluntary action post-2020 (2020)

  • ICROA guidance report on pathways to increased voluntary action by non-state actors (2017)

  • ICROA white paper on scaling voluntary action within the framework of the Paris Agreement (2017

  • ICROA Report: Unlocking the Hidden Value of Carbon Offsetting (2014)

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